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Yamaha G19 / G22 600 Amp Navitas Controller

600 Amp Navitas Controller for Yamaha G19 G22

$ 901.32

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Yamaha G19 / G22 golf cart 600 amp Navitas controller. Great upgrade for your Yamaha golf cart.
Compatible with the On-The-Fly Programmer which is sold separately and allows you to adjust braking, acceleration, and to speed and then lock it in so other drivers cannot change it.

Includes controller and vehicle specific wiring for easy installation

NOTE: this kit no longer contains a required 2 AWG 5/16″ Ring Terminal. You will need to purchase this product (usually less than $1 at a local automotive or hardware store.

Weight 5.01 lbs
Dimensions 6.01 × 4.01 × 10.01 in

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