RHOX RXAT 22X11-10 Golf Cart Tire (10″)

RHOX RXAT 22X11-10 Golf Cart Tire (10″)

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RHOX RXAT 22X11-10 4-ply Golf Cart Tire (10″).

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Notes Regarding Tire

  • This product is for a single tire & does not include a wheel
  • Golf Cart Tire Manufacturer: RHOX
  • Tire Size: 22″ X 11 – 10 (22″ Tall Golf Cart Tire)
  • Fits 10″ Golf Cart Wheels
  • Golf Cart Lift Kit Required
  • Tread Classification: Turf / Trail / Off-Road
  • 4-Ply

Weight 19.7 lbs
Dimensions 22.6 × 18.13 × 22.6 in

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