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Lester Summit Series II 24V/36V/48V 1050W Battery Charger (Multi-Volt)- No Cord

These Lester Summit Series II Popular Golf Cart Charger Connectors will allow you to use the factory Club Car, E-Z-Go or Yamaha Charge receptacle on your golf cart in conjunction with the new Lester Summit Series II Battery Charger.

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Lester Summit Series 24/36/48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger-Charger Only

This Lester Summit II 1050W 24 Volt/36 Volt/ 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger is for any application that is operating with a 24 Volt-48 Volt battery bank. Any EV or boat that you want to mount the charging system onboard this is the way to go.

 Lester Electric has been around for a really long time and they have figured it out! This Battery Charger is all new and designed specifically to work with any 24-48 volt battery bank (REGARDLESS OF CHEMISTRY – SET IT AND FORGET IT! AGM, GEL, LEAD ACID OR LITHIUM). Replacement for that old golf cart battery charger that just never seems to work right.
All Summit II Series battery chargers can monitor your batteries state of charge. This will give you peace of mind when you plug in your golf cart or Duffy boat to charge over night or take off on vacation for a month or two. The ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth makes it so easy and stress free that your battery bank is charged and ready to go.
Features and Benefits Include:
-Bluetooth Smart Wireless Communication
-Cloud Connectivity via the App
-Standard Can Bus Communication
-External DC and Signal Connections
-High Frequency Switch Mode Technology
-Stores Charge Cycle History
-Low DC Output Ripple
-Sealed Enclosure NEMA 4 (IP66 Rated)
-Universal AC Input w/I.E.C. Inlet
-Interchangeable DC Output Cables (Allow for On-Board or Off-Board Charging)
-Intelligent Charging Performance (Wet/Flooded, AGM, GEL and Lithium Ion Charge Profiles)
-CEC (California Energy Commission) and DOE (Department of Energy) Compliant
Specifications :
Make – Lester Electrical
Model – Summit II Series 1050W
4 Year Manufacturer Warranty

AC Input – 100-240 VAC

  • Operating Frequency – 45-65hz
  • Phase – Single-phase
  • Current, maximum – <12 A

DC Output – 1050 Watts

  • Choose the connection that fits your needs-Connector not included with this purchase. Charger only.
  • Minimum Start Up Voltage – 10 VDC
  • Battery Types – Lead Acid ( Wet / AGM / GEL )

Protection Features

  • Limit Current
  • Short Circuit
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Under/Over Voltage
  • IP66 rated, NEMA 4

Dimensions and Specs

  • 10.969 x 9.250 x 4.00 Inches
  • Operating Temps –  ( -25 C to 60 C / -13 F to 140 F )


Weight 20.01 lbs
Dimensions 12.01 × 12.01 × 16.01 in

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