Golf Cart Tire 215/35R14 Low Profile Backlash

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Golf Cart Tire 215/35R14 Low Profile Backlash

If you are looking for a quality set of new golf cart tires you have come to the right place. Great quality meets great value with all of Our standard size golf cart tires. This Golf Cart tire is designed for superior comfort and ride on pavement with excellent tread wear. Though good for use on turf and gravel as well.  This Golf Cart Tire is the only one We recommend when trying to stuff 14″ wheels under a stock height golf cart running the factory suspension. Usually the 215/35/14 aspect ratio is off. Similar to buying sneakers from different brands the size of your foot doesn’t change but the size of the sneaker does. Aftermarket tire manufactures are the same… We has done the work for you, dont buy a set of tires and find out after the fact they wont work… These Low Profile Backlash tires are the way to go…. Not the tread or tire size you need? No Worries! We offer a complete line of tires for all applications and popular rim sizes. Whether you need something to cut thru the beach sand at your guess house or just run around the neighborhood



  • Size = 215 x 35 x 14
  • Fitment = All golf carts (lift kit not required – but suspension upgrade or adjustments suggested ” front tires will rub on Club Car Precedent when making tight right turns)
  • Tire height = 22.5 inches
  • Directional – Yes
  • DOT Approved = Yes
  • Turf Approved = Yes
  • Ply Rating – 4 Ply

NOTE – This listing is for tires only! Wheels Not Included… Check out Our Tire and Wheel Combo Deals for the set….

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 23 in

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