Golf Cart Nabson Receptacle without wiring kit-Yamaha (G19 G22 2 Pin “Owl Eye”)

$ 96.28

Golf Cart Charger Receptacle Yamaha G19 G22 Nabson Style 2 Pin Assembly With Wires

This Yamaha Golf Cart 2-Pin Style Connector Receptacle for G19 or G22 Golf carts is also called the Nabson Plug. This will work on any Yamaha G19 or G22 Golf Cart. Replace your worn out (cart side) MAC plug/receptacle to ensure you maintain proper contact between the charger and your cart’s batteries. OEM quality for a fraction of the cost!

OEM Part Number: JR1-H6181-02

Complete Kit
Includes housing, pins, screws, and installation instructions
UL/CSA Approved
All Connectors are made with flame retardant materials

Complete kit to replace your old Yamaha (Nabson Type) receptacles.  – Plug-n-play Replacement for all Nabson Style Yamaha Golf Cart battery charger connectors.

– Designed in USA

– Full assembly with attached wires/terminals/fuse

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 4 in

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