Golf Cart Charger Adapter SB50 to 36V StarEV Yellow Round 3 Pin

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Golf Cart Charger Plug SB50 to Star Car Round 3 Pin Connector

This Golf Cart Charger Plug is designed to adapt a traditional Anderson SB50 connector to Star car round 3 pin connector. Designed to work on any 36 volt Star car golf cart that uses the round 3 pin connector design and or battery charger. This adapter comes as a complete assembly. Over all 2 in length. All Connectors made with flame retardant materials. Used with DPI Chargers or any other charger like Delta Q or Lester electric 36 volt using an SB50 Connector, quickly re-configures charger for use on Star Car Golf Carts or any charger that has the grey SB50 connector and allow you to use on any cart that has an Star car round yellow 3-pin charge receptacle.

ONE-2-ALL 2ft SB50 to Star car round 3 pin Connector – Complete Connector set
PT# – 34-0212A61-06
SB50 to Star Car round 3-pin Yellow
Complete Connector set
UL/CSA Approved
Made in the USA
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 8 in

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