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Custom Golf Carts Seats by Suite Seats – THE ORIGINAL STANDARD

The Original Standard Suite Seat

The original “Standard” Suite Seats are fully customizable two-piece bucket style back for all types of golf carts.  Select your cart below, then pick your own colors below by choosing your bolster color first (BLUE area on illustrations), then your insert color (WHITE area). You can also chose more customizable options: PIPING in of your color choice; DOUBLE TOP STITCH; and TUFTING options for the insert portions.  And then complete your  cart with a matching rear seat! PLEASE NOTE: These seats should ship within 6-8 weeks of order. Total cost will be updated as you select your options below.

Suite Seat Original                                      Touring Edition

$ 523.00

Customizable, top-quality replacement seats. These beautiful seats offer solid construction and comfort at an excellent value.

Made with premium materials in the USA!
  • Prominent center bolster provides excellent lateral support and stability
  • Marine Grade foam embedded with biocides to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew
  • Marine-grade vinyl with built-in UV protection
  • Marine-grade substrate with a lifetime warranty against rot and delamination
  • Corrosion resistant hardware and stainless steel staples
  • Zinc-plated, rivet-style t-nuts for a secure fit that is less likely to loosen or spin
Make them uniquely yours with these added options
  • Touring Edition – add headrests and fold-up armrests
  • Piping in the color of your choice
  • Single diamond tuft
  • Double diamond tuft
  • Double top switch in the color of your choice
  • Embroidery, logos and artwork are also an option, as long as they don’t violate any copyrights. Email us for a quote at or call us at 352-279-0324

Visit this link to the Suite Seats Website for more customization ideas

Follow this link to Suite Seats

Standard Suite Seat
  • Two piece bucket style back
  • Prominent center bolster on base

Standard Suite Seat Touring Edition
  • One Piece back
  • Prominent center bolster on base
  • Headrests and fold up armrests

Standard Suite Seat Rear Seat
  • One Piece back
  • Prominent center bolster on base
  • Available for flip and stationary rear kits

Here are some examples of The Original by Suite Seats



Standard Suite Seats "Crown" Embroidery on Backrest, NO Suite Seat "Crown" – leave blank, Custom Embroidery Initial – PLEASE EMAIL US, Custom Artwork Embroidery – please email us for quote, You supply licensed embroidered patch – please email us

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