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Controller Rebuild Service for Club Car Excel (1515-5201)

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Rebuild Service for Club Car Excel

$ 257.50

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Rebuild Service for Club Car Excel (1515-5201). When you purchase this product, you are pay for the service of having your controller rebuilt. Within 1 business day of ordering this service you will be emailed a form and an address to return your controller to be rebuilt. Your controller will be rebuilt (5-7 business days in house) and return directly to you. Your controller will be covered by a one year warranty that covers defects. Cost of this product covers the cost of us shipping your controller back to you but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping your controller to us for rebuild.

Weight 1.1 lbs

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Controller Rebuild Service for Club Car Excel (1515-5201)
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  1. Jorge Salazar

    I sent a speed controller for repair; item came right on time and works perfect! I defenetely recommend this supplier.

  2. Gary Mausey

    Sent my EZGO Marathon Curtis controller in for repair. Could not have worked out any better! I will be using this service again! My cart is now smooth as silk. Fast turn around!

  3. Barry Fish

    After installing a rebuilt motor and controller everything seemed to be working great, but after one week, now when I start to accelerate the cart misses a beat or two. Or stutter. Also 2 nights ago while on my way home in the dark with the lights on, they went very dim and then bright then dim again. In four years they have never done this? Jason’s Response: sounds like you have other issues… Bad Batteries? A controller issue does not express itself with these symptoms.

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