Charge Plus 48V Golf Cart Battery Charger for Yamaha

48V Charge Plus Charger for Yamaha

$ 462.50

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Charge Plus High Frequency 48V Golf Cart Battery Charger for Yamaha. Please ensure that picture of plug in picture is like that on your Yamaha G22/Drive. Two year warranty.

  • UL Approved
  • User manual included with troubleshooting codes
  • Designed for flooded lead-acid batteries
  • Easy to read red, yellow green lights indicate charging state
  • Light weight and portable with convenient handle
  • Float feature allows for batteries to maintain full charge at the end of charge cycle
  • You can purchase additional plugs if you have different carts (see pic for available plugs) should you have more than one style cart
  • Charger will start a charge cycle with batteries as low as 2 volts
  • Two year warranty
Weight 20.01 lbs
Dimensions 12.01 × 12.01 × 16.01 in

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