14″ Zone / Star EV / Fairplay Build Your Own Wheel, Tire and Lift (Optional) Combo (Group 1)

Zone Star Fairplay Wheel Tire Lift Kit Combo

14″ Build your own Zone / Star / Fairplay golf cart wheel, tire, lug nut, lift kit (optional).
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PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION TO ENSURE PROPER SELECTION AND FITMENT. Must select wheels and tires. Lug nuts and lift kits are optional but offer substantial savings when purchased in this combo.
If the wheels you selected accept optional colored inserts, please CLICK HERE to see available options.

-Set of four 14″ golf cart wheels of your choice
-Set of four street, turf, all terrain, or mud golf cart tires of your choice
-OPTIONAL golf cart lug nuts
-OPTIONAL golf cart lift kit of your choice

*Please Note : the Lift Kit will only work with Fairplay, Star and Zone Electric 2005-up
Recommended Tire Size for 6″ Lift Kit: Up to 22″ OD
Recommended Tire Size for 3″ Lift Kit: Up to 20″ OD

-Center caps (aluminum wheels only, not included with steel wheels)
-Valve stems
-Tires will come mounted on the wheels

If you are not sure which size tires/wheels will fit your cart with different size lift kits


Weight 20 lbs

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