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Battery Charger Repair / Rebuild Service for 72v Delta Q QuiQ Charger

Remanufacture / Repair Service for your used 72V Delta Q Quiq 1000w golf cart charger

$ 282.50

Remanufacture / Repair Service for the 72V-12A (1000W) Delta-Q battery charger. When you purchase this product, you are paying for the service of having YOUR battery charger rebuilt. Save big by rebuilding / repairing your golf cart charger rather than throwing yours away and buying a new one.

Within 1 business day of ordering this service you will be emailed a form and an address to return your charger to be rebuilt. Your controller will be rebuilt (5-7 business days in house) and return directly to you. Your charger will be covered by a six month warranty that covers defects. Cost of this product covers the cost of us shipping your charger back to you but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping your charger to us for rebuild.

Weight 1.1 lbs

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