Armrests for REAR SEAT Kits by Suite Seats

Accessorize your Suite Seats Golf Cart with Matching Rear Seat Armrests!

A very popular Suite Seats accessory, armrests for rear seats enhance the appearance of a golf cart and add to passenger comfort and convenience.


  • Available in Standard or Deluxe version (deluxe version shown).
  • Extra-large cup holder (in the deluxe version) is great for holding drinks, cell phones or keys.
  • Fits both stationary and flip-style kits and fit virtually every rear seat conversion kit on the market.
  • Engineered to tight specifications for easy installation. The only tools needed are a drill and a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Constructed with marine-grade materials, with built-in protection against sun and moisture.
  • Available in all standard Suite Seats colors, plus custom colors.
  • 100% made in America

Select either Standard or Deluxe Armrest below, and then choose from 40 standard colors or 22 custom colors. (Custom colors are an additional cost.)

PLEASE NOTE: Armrests should ship within 6-8 weeks of order. Total cost will be updated as you select your options below.

This product includes the Suite Seats custom armrests only, and does NOT include the rear seat kit, nor the golf cart.

$ 45.94

in stock



Select Armrest Style

Standard, Deluxe

Select Color

Pearl, Ivory, Summer Solstice, SeaShell, Buff, Gold, Sand Patriot Plus II, High Tide, Stone Biege, Ruby, PI Lobster, Ruby Red, Garnet, Crimson, Burgandy, PI Island Rum, PI Orange Peel, Sunburst, Mandarin, Spirit Millenium, Silvertex Mandarin, Silvertex Chestnut, CI Sunflower, PI Holly Leaf, CI Lime, Alpine Blue, Blue Ribbon, Sapphire, Capri Blue, Purple Passion, Platinum, Heidi Zinc, Biscayne Charcoal, Onyx, Black Beard, Wave Acid Sun Red, Wave Orange Tangerine, Wave Solar Flare Yellow, Charcoal Carbon Fiber, Black Carbon Fiber, Morbern Liquid Silver, Simtex Plata, Trexx Met Gear, Seastorm Caprina Island, Lagoon Caprina Island, Trexx Met Night Watch, Simtex Zues Black, Polaris Ebony, Simtex Sapphire, Trexx Met Captain, Baby Blue, Rosalie Pink, Simtex French Vanilla, Simtex Ice, Napa French Vanilla, Gemini Pearl, Reflex Met Pearl, Trexx Met Putty, Clam Shell Caprina Island, Simtex Mocha, Mahogany Caprina, Island, Tobacco Rogue

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