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440 AMP Navitas Controller/Programmer Kit for G22 (w/Moric) / G29 Drive

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Yamaha G22/G29/Drive 440 Amp Navitas Controller

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Navitas 440 Amp Controller adds an impressive boost in speed and torque to your Yamaha G22 (with MORIC Controller) or G29 / Drive carts. Will only work on G22 carts that came with MORIC controller. Second picture is of a Moric controller. The included on the fly (OTF) programmer allows you to adjust for more/less speed, faster acceleration, and adjust for more run time. All of this can be locked with a key so that novice driver’s can only operate the cart according to the locked settings.
What to expect:
Up to 23 mph speeds with stock tires (faster with oversized tires)
Up to 75% increase in raw power for improved hill climbing, weight hauling, and larger tire capabilities

NOTE: this kit no longer contains a required 2 AWG 5/16″ Ring Terminal. You will need to purchase this product (usually less than $1 at a local automotive or hardware store.

Controller is Bluetooth enabled and works with the Navitas app that is available for both Apple and Android. App is amazing and can serve as a dashboard for you cart. Displays speed, gear (fwd/rev), battery voltage, controller temperature, and allows you to disable the cart for security when not in use.

This Yamaha golf cart controller will work with your stock shunt motor, existing solenoid, and existing wiring. Easy plug & play installation uses your cart’s existing wiring.

Weight 2 lbs

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for 440 AMP Navitas Controller/Programmer Kit for G22 (w/Moric) / G29 Drive
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  1. Alfred Miller (verified owner)

    I can’t stress this enough, COMPLETEly read the instructions before starting… I have a pretty good grasp on electrical installation but I skipped over a VERY important step and it took me 2 hours to figure it out through troubleshooting. Also, the kit didn’t come with all the required hardware so I had to make a trip to Auto Zone for the battery terminal lugs, also don’t waste your time drilling them out, just cut, strip and terminate the proper size rings, this will save you time and effort.Cart now reaches speed of 25mph and climbs hills much better than before.

  2. Daniel Sutton (verified owner)

    This definitely is a huge help to the power and acceleration that should be on every cart. Only issue I have is that my controller is missing the ring terminal and also the knobs that go on the on the fly programmer

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