300 Amp Alltrax XCT Controller for Yamaha G29

300 Amp Alltrax XCT Controller for Yamaha G29

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300 Amp Alltrax XCT Controller for Yamaha G29 (Drive) golf carts. Consider optional “On the Fly” Controller. Usable on Club Car IQ, Yamaha G19, G22 & G29 (Drive), E-Z-GO PDS & DCS. Controller must have been manufactured after 9/2016. Read more about OTF by clicking here. Native OEM connectors eliminate the need for adapter boards or cutting and jumping wires to install the controller. USB programming port. Set in OEM style or Alltrax’s “Go Fast” mode. Optional fan assembly allows for longer continuous power output for heavy duty applications. Optional universal mounting kit (CON-XCTUM-YM) makes installation much easier.

Proper current capacity solenoids required for use with Alltrax controllers. Heavy duty battery cables required for controllers 400 amp or larger. All solenoids require diodes and pre-charge resistors. For more information visit www.alltrax.com. Please note that controllers are not returnable.

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 7 in

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