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Light Kits on Club Car Precedents

If you are in the market for a halogen or LED light kit for your Club Car Precedent, you may have noticed that you need to choose if your car was manufactured before or 2008.5. Prior to half way through 2008 Club Car Precedent golf carts were pre-wired for lights. At that time they had wires that ran from the tail light location, through the battery box, and all the way up behind the dash. Starting half way through 2008, Club Car quit pre-wiring the Precedents for light. After 2008.5, installing a light kit on your Precedent requires all of this additional wiring, referred to as a bucket harness.

So, how do you confirm if your cart was manufactured before of after the 2008.5 break? Take a look under your seat. If your tow/run switch is mounted on top of a flat panel in the center of the batteries, your cart is 2008.5 or older and is pre-wired for lights. If your tow/run switch is mounted on the back wall of your battery box, your cart is 2008.5 or newer and will require the bucket harness for installation.

Additionally, which wiring you need is affected by whether your cart is gas or electric and, if electric, which battery configuration you have. If your cart is gas, you simply select the light kit designed for gas carts. If you cart is electric you must determine which battery configuration you have. All Precedent carts are 48V, unless they have been modified. If your Club Car Precedent has 4 batteries, you have 12 Volt batteries. If you have 6 batteries, they are 8 Volt Batteries. This is also a distinction you need to know when ordering your lights. The reason for this is that the lights are designed to run on 12 volts. If you have 12 volt batteries your light kit, as the instructions will show, run off of one of your batteries. If you have 8 volt batteries, you will need a voltage reducer to drop 16V from a pair of your batteries down to 12V. When you select a light kit for Precedent carts with 8V batteries, you will receive a small voltage reducer to take care of this issue.

At JGC, selecting the proper light kit is made easier by the use of the drop-down menu within your desired light kit. This will allow you to make the necessary selections to get the right equipment for your ride. Click here to take a look at our light kits for the Club Car Precedent carts.

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