How to Install New Seat Covers on your Golf Cart- Tips and Tricks

Got old, outdated golf cart seats? New cushions too expensive? If your seat cushions are still in good condition (back board is not rotting/broken, cushions are still firm/not breaking down, etc.), then a more economical choice would be to just replace the seat covers. We offer a wide variety of seat covers for all major cart brands, in a variety of styles and colors to really give your cart a simple upgrade!

Before ordering new seat covers, be sure to inspect your old seats to ensure that you are able to reuse the cushion/backing. To do this, remove your seat cushions from your cart for inspection. Some golf cart seat cushions have a plastic backing that is permanently affixed to the cushion making it extremely difficult to remove without damaging the cushion underneath. If you have older seats with a wood backing, sometimes the wood can be rotted to the point where there is no saving it. In these cases, we recommend getting new cushion assemblies to save you the time and frustration of trying to save old cushion assemblies that won’t hold up in the long run.

If the cushions themselves are still in good condition, then you can save yourself some money and order just the seat covers! Don’t be intimidated by the thought of recovering your existing cushions, installation is a lot simpler than you may think, we have provided some how-to videos that break down the process, so you’ll have “new” seats in no time!

In order to complete this project, you will need;

  • Seat Covers of your choice for your specific cart type (find FRONT seat covers here and REAR seat covers here)
  • Cordless Drill– to remove backing
  • Staple Gun *hand stapler will work but it is much easier with a pneumatic or battery powered
  • Pliers and/or flat head screwdriver– for staple removal
  • Utility Knife– for cutting away excess material
  • Heat Gun– not required but can be helpful to help stretch the new vinyl into place
  • Time/Patience– this is a tedious process that may take some trial and error, but it not extremely difficult

Getting Started:

Use your drill to remove the seat cushions from the golf cart. Once you have the cushions off, remove the front seat handles/hip restraints, any seat hinges or hydraulic shock assistants. Once you have those removed, it’s up to you if you want to leave the old vinyl cover on or take it off. If it is starting to get mold/mildew on it or has a flaw that you will be able to see under the new cover (holes/tears), it may be in your best interest to remove it. Otherwise, feel free to leave it on!

Clean Up:

If you chose to leave the old cover on, give it a good scrub to ensure nothing starts to grow underneath. Also, make sure that the back surface is clear of all old staples/debris that could potentially poke a hole and damage the new cover.

New Covers/Stapling:

  • Before you start adding staples, make sure the cover is evenly centered both vertically and horizontally, accounting for the cure on the top of the back rest. We recommend measuring the seat and cover to find the center and then place a staple anchor point on all 4 sides that can be easily removed/reworked if necessary.
    • Make sure you are pulling the cover tight as you are adding staples to ensure that the cover does not loose “loose” at the end.
    • Also, make sure you keep checking to make sure the cover looks even/centered by flipping the seat over after every few staples.
  • The curved part can be the most difficult, so we recommend that be your starting point when stapling, and once you are satisfied that there are no wrinkles or folds, then move onto the sides and bottom.


  • The videos recommend sticking your cover in the dryer to release any wrinkles. Be extremely careful doing this as dryers can ruin your covers if they are on too high of heat. To be on the safe side, we recommend just leaving them lay out in the sun for a while.
  • It is okay if you have to remove some staples along the way and smooth out some wrinkles and/or folds. This is a tedious process, but if you take your time it should not be too hard.

How-To Videos:

*These videos are made by our friends at Madjax and pertain to their seat covers (which you can find on our site), but the installation for any other brand should be similar (may vary a little depending on the design of the seat cover).

Club Car Precedent

Club Car DS:


Yamaha Drive:

Genesis 250/300 Rear Seat:

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