E-Z-GO TXT Won’t Run &/or Charge

We have run into a new issue with the E-Z-GO TXT (T48) carts that we wanted to pass along. This applies to 2010 and newer 48V TXT carts. These are the carts with the triangular shaped charging plug, but NOT the RXV carts.

As always, put your cart in tow mode anytime you are doing electrical work on it!

We have recently run into several 48V E-Z-GO TXT (T48) carts that would only charge intermittently. Sometimes only the red light on the charger would flash, indicating a fault. One of the carts would not run, even though it was fully charged. In all cases, it turned out to be a faulty charge receptacle. Replaced the charge receptacle on these carts and they all charge and run perfectly.

So, how do you tell if this is the problem? If you are not confident working on electric golf carts, take the cart to a qualified repair technician. If you are confident working on electric carts and understand the risk of damaging your cart, try the following. Put the cart in “Tow” mode and turn off the key. Under the seat you can see the back side of the charge receptacle. There are several wires coming out of the back of the receptacle one of which is a blue wire with a plug approximately 3” from the charge receptacle. Unplug this plug. From the cart side of this plug (the wire that plugs into this plug and runs along the front of the battery pack towards the passenger side), run a FUSED jumper wire to the same positive battery post that the red wire from the charge receptacle connects to. This is the main (48V) positive of the battery pack.

Once your jumper is connected, put the cart in “Run” mode, turn the key on, an attempt to drive the cart. If the solenoid engages and the cart attempts to go, the charge receptacle is bad and must be replaced. If not, this is not the issue and further diagnostics are required. We offer the charge receptacles on our website. Click here to go to the E-Z-GO TXT T48 Charge Receptacle on our website.

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