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Club Car Precedent Camber and Front Tire Wear Issues

At Jason’s Golf Carts, we have refurbished and sold many Club Car Precedent golf carts. Club Car Precedents are great carts but, as all carts do, they have their pro’s & con’s. One issue we frequently run into on the Precedent carts are camber issues, and therefore uneven tire wear, on the front end. Even if a cart does not clearly exhibit this issue, it is often there, just not very bad. Lifting a cart like this will make the problem much worse and lead to a camber issue and uneven tire wear.

To determine if the front end of your Club Car Precedent is worn and ready to be freshened-up, look at the following things.

1) The front tires are generally tilted out at the bottom.
2) When the cart is jacked up, grabbing and wiggling the front tire(s) displays play. They should be fairly tight and not wiggle around

If you determine that the front end of your cart is experiencing wear and needs repair, continue reading for ways to possibly fix the issue(s).

Below are the parts (hyperlinked to the parts on our website) that we typically replace to take care of loose front ends, camber issues, and unequal tire wear.

“A” Front Leaf Spring – worn out (flattened) front leaf spring typically causes camber/tire wear issues
“B” Control Arm Bushings – Worn bushings in the control arms cause the cart to dart around while driving and can cause camber/tire wear issues
“C” Front Leaf Spring Bushings – Worn bushings in the front leaf spring can cause the cart to dart around while driving and can cause camber/tire wear issues

Replacing all of these items, although not very expensive, generally fixes or makes a large improvement in handling, camber, and tire wear issues on your Club Car Precedent. We have also had the best driving experience when the tires are toed out (wider at the front of the tires) approximately 1/8th to 1/4 inch.

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